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Stuck on some questions that need to be cleared up? Find out about the guidance and support you’ll get with your academic life – or life in general – when you choose to study with us. Below are some of the quick answers to all the questions that are rattling in your brain.

How we can help you

Need support now with applying to a university or student finance? See our guides on how to apply, Course or Tuition fees for International Students.

You need to register with us and complete the relevant application.

There is no limit. But if you change your mind about what you want to study, you can simply change your course preferences.

All closing dates are mentioned beforehand, so make sure to apply well in advance for the application to be considered.

With each university it differs. Chat with us to know about it further.

Yes, and if you’re an international postgrad, you must apply directly through the university.

This differs from each college and university. You can speak with us directly to know about the requirements for each institute.

Most universities have their scholarships for students who have been accepted through any programmes or particular universities. These institutes have designated funds for the local students as well as for international students.

This can be categorized to a nationality or subject specific scholarships. Chat with us for further information.

You need to expand on the following:

  • Why you’re the right student,
  • Why you’re choosing this particular institute & the course,
  • What your extracurricular hobbies are, and
  • What your work experiences are

It’s best to keep to a maximum one and a half pages (700 words).

We will keep you updated on a daily basis.

You will get an automated email notification, once the application has been submitted.

This can be done by your guidance counsellor, college dean, counsellors, your employer or work colleague, or a volunteer supervisor.

We guarantee a 100% secure payment gateway – Cash, Card or Bank Transfer. Please speak to us further on this.

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