Post-Study Work Visa in the UK

The new post-study work visa or the Graduate Immigration Route allows international students to work in the UK after graduation from a UK university. Students can apply for the Graduate Immigration Route, which is available for students who have completed an undergraduate level or higher.

Students Need to Have a Valid Tier 4 Visa or the Student Visa When They Apply for the Application

If you travel down this route, you can stay and work in the UK or look for work after graduating from a university in the UK. You can stay in the UK and work at any skill level for two years after graduation. For those who are Ph.D. graduates, they can stay in the UK and search for work for three years.  If you find a skilled job or you’re eligible for a skilled work visa, you can switch your visa to continue your career in the UK.

When Did the UK Government Announce This New Post-Study Visa Category?

The UK announced this new post-study visa category in September 2019. It will be open to international students from the summer of 2021. This means that they can enroll in a university and start their degrees in autumn. If you have already applied for the Tier 4 Visa category and your visa is valid, you can apply for the new post-study work visa.

How Has COVID-19 Influenced This New Visa Category?

The UK government has addressed the concerns of international students wanting to come to study in the UK during the pandemic. According to the UK government, international students enrolled in a UK university offering distance or blended learning will qualify for the Graduate route. However, international students need to be in the United Kingdom by April 6, 2021, in order to be eligible.

This announcement is important for international students who are unable to travel to the UK at the scheduled time. Most universities in the UK have also stated that the term will begin somewhere around autumn.

Some UK universities have stated that they would provide some form of in-person education if safe and possible. They plan to utilize technology to keep both the students and instructors safe. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s discuss the eligibility requirements of the new post-study work visa.

New Post-Study Work Visa Eligibility Requirements

You’ll be eligible for the new post-study work visa to study, graduate, and then work in the UK if you meet the following requirements:

  • You earned an undergraduate degree or a higher degree in the summer of 2021 or later from a UK university
  • You have a track record of compliance
  • You held and have a valid Tier 4 or student visa when you put in your application

Distance Learning Requirement

You’ll be eligible for distance learning through the duration of 2020 to 2021 on a new post-work visa if you:

  • Come to the United Kingdom no later than April 6, 2021, as stated above
  • You complete your final semester at the university in the UK

The UK Home Office states that international students will still require extant leave as Tier 4 international students when this graduation route programme launches in 2020 and need to meet all the outlined criteria to qualify for it.

If you meet all the requirements for the new post-study work visa, you’ll need to send in a new application, which will cover the expenses of your visa and your immigration health surcharge. They have yet to determine and announce the exact fee.

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