UK/EU Students

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Our team of expert advisors are there to guide you step by step from filling out applications, sitting you down for any examinations, helping you compile all your documents and submitting them to the relevant colleges/universities of your choice.






What to study?

A One-2-One chat with our advisors will help them better understand your academic background and to shortlist the courses that would to suit your needs as well as help you climb up the career ladder.

UCAS Application

For all the international students who want to study in the UK, we will help you fill out the application for the Universities & College Admission Service (UCAS). This is compulsory. We will also:

  • Help you decide on the universities,
  • Improve your statement letter,
  • Add a reference letter
  • Track your application process once submitted to the UCAS

SLC Finance Application

Student Loans Company provides financial support to those students who are in need of that extra support who are coming down from the EU and the other parts of the world.

Academic Interviews & IELTS

Once your application is submitted to the relevant colleges/universities, most of them usually call for an interview. Our counsellors will prepare you to face such interviews well ahead in time, building your confidence as well as guide you on preparing yourself for any pre-exams like IELTS.

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